Tuesday 3 April 2012

FAQ's - 15 to 20

Frequently Asked Questions on The FA Women’s Super League

15.What teams will take part?

The following clubs will compete in the 2012 and 2013 seasons, subject always to adhering to the terms of their FA WSL licences:

Arsenal Ladies FC, Birmingham City Ladies FC, Bristol Academy Women’s FC, Chelsea Ladies FC, Doncaster Rovers Belles Ladies FC, Everton Ladies FC, Lincoln Ladies FC, Liverpool Ladies FC

16.Is it right that each team can only have a maximum of 20 players?

 No, after a careful review involving all FA WSL clubs it has been decided to increase the squad cap for 2012 from 20 to 23.

17. Are there salary caps / minimum wage requirements at each club?

In summary, a club can pay no more than four players an annual salary of more than £20k.

Other than that, each club has the choice as to how to remunerate its players: the rationale being that if we have eight clubs, and each has a maximum of four players on a wage band of £20k or more, this will help spread the talent pool and also ensure there is a core group of players at each club in the tier below that will still be able to earn a wage playing and working for that club.

We will review this annually to make sure it is set at the right level. Club licences will also contain minimum financial provisions and standards which should allow all clubs to operate at a good, semi professional level. 

In the future, The FA may weigh up the effectiveness of the individual salary cap against the alternatives to this e.g. ‘wage caps’ which are already in place on a club wide basis in other leagues and sports, whereby a club cannot spend a total of more than £xyz on salaries. It will be easier to take a fully considered view on this when introducing new licences in 2013 and 2014. There will be no changes for 2012.

NB The salary cap excludes the £16k per annum that The FA pays to England international players under their Central Contracts.

18.What of the international players who are on Central Contracts – does this affect their status at all – who “owns” them, their clubs or The FA?

A player who is contracted to play for both England and their club signs two contracts – an FA Central Contract governing international obligations and payments, and a club contract governing club obligations and FA WSL payments.

The goal is for these two contracts to work together. This will be monitored by The FA and WSL clubs on an ongoing basis.

19.How long are club contracts allowed to last for?

Player registrations for The FA WSL are for one season only but contracts, in accordance with FA Rules, can be for up to 5 years and this is negotiated directly between player and club.

20. Can clubs buy international players for their teams and make them one of the high paid earners given that a key objective is developing and retaining English talent?

Yes, provided that clubs meet Home Office work permit requirements if a player is a non-EU resident. For EU residents, there is freedom of movement in line with EU legislation.

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Pos Teams P GD Pts
1 Arsenal Women 20 57 54
2 Manchester City Women FC 20 36 47
3 Chelsea FC Women 20 32 42
4 Birmingham City Women FC 20 12 40
5 Reading FC Women 20 3 27
6 Bristol City Women FC 20 -17 25
7 West Ham United Women FC 20 -12 23
8 Liverpool FC Women 20 -17 22
9 Brighton & Hove Albion Women FC 20 -22 16
10 Everton Ladies FC 20 -23 12
11 Yeovil Town Ladies FC 20 -49 -3
Pos Teams P GD Pts
1 Manchester United Women FC 20 91 55
2 Tottenham Hotspur Ladies FC 20 17 46
3 Charlton Athletic Women FC 20 28 41
4 Durham Women FC 20 21 39
5 Sheffield United Women FC 20 4 34
6 Aston Villa Ladies FC 20 -9 26
7 Leicester City Women FC 20 -17 21
8 London Bees FC 20 -25 21
9 Lewes FC Women 20 -24 17
10 Crystal Palace Ladies FC 20 -30 11
11 Millwall Lionesses FC 20 -56 5